Khamis, 23 Jun 2011


Robocon is an anual event that is held in Malaysia.In this contest,most of the higher institutions of education such as universities will send teams to compete in this competition.Same with past year,the winning team will represent Malaysia to take part in competing with other nations in Bangkok,Thailand.Actually,the theme for this contest keeps on changing based on the country that hosts the competition.For this year,the robot must complete the task to bring the krathong,petal and flower to their respective place.For Malaysia’s contest,the Loy Krathong is changed to be Bunga Raya,because Loy Krathong is believed related to Buddha’s teaching.
      In this competition,each team must build up one manual and two automatic robots.Now,the IIUM team is in the stage of testing their robots and improving their performance. They don't have much time left,because the competition is starting soon.The competition is on 13th June to 18th June 2011.The team consists of students from the first year up to the third. In their teams,they are divided to two groups which is team electronic and the other one is mechanical group.The mechanical group will be responsible to create the design for the robot.So,they apply the static and dynamic studies to make sure the robots function well.Other team will do the electronics. In this group,they will take care of the electronic parts as well as programming.
        For the manual robot,one of the IIUM teams will control it using the controller.As for the automatics robot,it will do their task  after the button is pressed. To make sure the automatic robot runs smoothly,the IIUM team have to use the sensors to make it move effectively. One of the sensors they used is colour sensor which detects different colour.This sensor is put at the bottom of the robot to make the robot move as programmed.


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